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Quitting your day job for your dream biz doesn't automatically mean you'll have more freedom in your life. These are the foundational lessons I learned from growing 3 businesses. This is all about finding more freedom with your time, finances, lifestyle, and creativity while you build a business you love.

7 Ways to Create Joy, Ease, and Abundance
in Your Business and in Your Life

The Freedom Framework: 

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Workflows are a sequence of tasks that outline your client's journey from the first inquiry to the final “thank you!” You know how you’re sending a million contracts, emails, project proposals, questionnaires, reminders, and resources to different clients…reinventing the wheel every time, even though they’re all going through the same general steps? Workflows solve that problem, once and for all!

We combine everything into a repeatable, reusable “workflow” that allows you to automate it all with ease. So instead of juggling a bajillion things, you’re getting an automated to-do list each day from your CRM that allows you to confirm, customize, and click “Send.” 

Oh- but one more thing- you know all the things you have to DO in order execute the deliverables of your projects? Yeah - those are all in your workflows too! No more keeping everything in your head. Peace at last.

Our workflows will be customized to your business’s unique needs. Some steps will probably be 100% automated, while others will require you to customize or confirm before you click “Send.” We’ll give you the training and education you need to use your workflows with total confidence. Trust us, you’re gonna love ‘em.

Only if you want them to! Don’t worry. We’re workflow experts, so we’ll make this easy and personal. 

We’re able to schedule emails to go out automatically, but we can also add emails as “require approsval” for you to customize and confirm before they go out. Think of it as an automated to-do list with everything 99(ish)% ready to go. It’s all about what works best for you! 

Our packages were created to meet business owners at every stage of business. Whether you’re brand spanking new or you’re a decade in and looking to get to the next level, we’ve got a service for you! If you’ve read through Our Services and are still unsure which package is the best match, shoot us an inquiry telling us more about your business. We’ll hop on a call and then we can customize and add-on exactly what you need.

We do! Depending on the package you book and the timeframe of your project, all our proposals are broken into multiple payments!

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