My personal mission? To help you pursue your passions with more ease, and live a wildly fulfilling life.

Hi! I'm laura! Founder of find your freedom co.

I believe that freedom and success look different for everyone. It's my goal to help you build the business and life that fulfills your own definition of each. 

With all my newfound free time, I finally had the freedom to do all the things I was dreaming about. I launched retreats, a digital shop, a signature course, a coaching program, a membership, mentoring intensives, E-books, and MORE! 

Because there’s this thing about finding freedom: once you have it, you want everyone else to have it, too. With each new phase of my business, I kept coming back to one mission: FREEDOM.

I wanted to help other business owners create lives and businesses they loved–not be burdened by everything it takes to run a business. So I fell face-first into business education and have loved every second of it!!! And now here we are, 7 years later, still loving every minute. I am so thankful.

I didn’t set out to become an educator in the creative industry — but with the freedom to follow my passions, it just started to happen.

I went from perpetually overwhelmed to the go-to girl for systems, productivity, and work-life balance. And in the process of getting my life back, I realized I was pretty damn good at helping others get their lives back too. 

But the freedom that mattered to me most wasn’t the financial freedom. It was the freedom to do what I loved while getting my life back. I started exercising again, I spent my weekends with my people, and I even took two months off — a true sabbatical! — smack dab in the middle of busy wedding season.

I had finally found the time and financial freedom I was craving when I became an entrepreneur in the first place. 

I could literally feel the passion coming back for the business I worked so hard to build. Because that’s the worst part of burnout, isn’t it? Losing the passion for the thing that once lit your soul up? I know it was for me.

But those benefits were just the beginning. With my new systems, I effectively had designed a white-glove client experience that pretty much guaranteed raving clients. My referrals went up by 1200%, and within the next 12 months, my business income tripled, and I had my first 6-figure year.

This is the part in my story where I think…”WTF, did that really happen?” And things only got better from there.

What felt like overnight, my business, my client experience, and my burnout transformed.

My work weeks went from 80-100 hours of work a week to an average of 20 in just a few weeks.

And I WASN’T taking on less work - in fact, I was taking on MORE.

With my workflows and templates set up in HoneyBook, my business was running like a well-oiled machine. No longer were emails, client to-dos, or project tasks falling through the cracks. No longer was I up til 2AM trying to unload everything in my brain that had to get done. No longer was every email starting with “I’m sorry for the delay!”


And when I tell you these 4 things changed my life, I mean– they freaking CHANGED MY LIFE.

1. I got all the things I did for projects out of my head and mapped out REPEATABLE step-by-step workflows of everything I did from inquiry through offboarding for every service in my business. (We're talking everything from client communication to marketing to admin and service execution.)

2. From there, I highlighted anything in my workflows that could be TEMPLATED. Think: emails, contracts, brochures, proposals, invoices, & questionnaires–anything that I’d use more than twice for the longevity of my business. 

3. I invested in a Client Management Software (Helloooo, HoneyBook!) so I could input everything I'd created, automate my project management, and get out of Google Sheet and post-it note hell. ←No shade, but it’s time to get out of there friend.

4. For anything that couldn’t be templated, I brainstormed how to make my manual tasks as efficient as humanly possible. I ran every task through what I now call my 6 R’s of Streamlining, and I effectively chopped off about 80% of my working hours.

On that “Dining Room Table Day”, I did 4 things that ultimately changed my life: 

*Cue the actual moment things change.*

It was, shall we say…messy. I was keeping track of every client deliverable and to-do in my head, on scraps of paper, and on whiteboards all over my office. No surprise: things were constantly falling through the cracks. I was behind on everything - emails, editing, sending proposals to new clients, the list goes on. My business was growing, but with every new client that booked, I questioned where I’d even fit the work in.

Fast forward to that night in my dining room. After months of treading water just trying to keep up, I had a moment of burnout-inspired clarity. I realized I was doing the same tasks over and over again for different clients: sending the same emails, answering the same questions, and doing the same manual tasks to complete projects. And yet - I was trying to keep track of when all of this was supposed to happen IN MY HEAD. AKA I was wasting SO. much. time. 
Not to mention, when I added up the hours worked on every project, I was making mere pennies because my efficiency was so terrible.

One night, circa October 2015, I sat at my dining room table and took a good hard look at my business. 

*Cue the moment where I decide things need to change.*

The day I quit my 9-5 to start my wedding photography business, I drove out of the parking lot blaring Aretha Franklin’s “Freedom” thinking to myself, I finally get to work on my own time!!!
But the next thing I knew, I was juggling 28 weddings and shooting 4-5 portrait sessions a week without any sort of system to manage the workload. “Working on my own time” became working 24/7 just to keep up with everything. I daydreamed about cloning myself while working myself into the ground.
2 AM nights were typical.
12+ hour days were the norm.
8 hour days were unheard of.
And taking days off didn’t even cross my mind.

I was burned out, overwhelmed, and desperately craving time, organization, simplification, and a freakin nap.

Hi! I'm Laura


freedom wasn't always my story...

Words to live by

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

— dolly parton



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