If you want to run a sustainable business for the long haul, you need systems.

There’s just no other way to slice it. Because when you’re trying to grow your business - things like keeping track of client projects, remembering to send follow ups to inquiries, creating beautiful proposals, and figuring out what they heck to say in that email are things you shouldn’t be burdened by.

That’s why the CRM Template Shop from Find Your Freedom Co. exists. To give you the tools, resources, and templates you need to streamline and automate your business like a true freedompreneur.  It's time to start spending your time where it matters most (in your business AND your life). So put your hands up and step awaaaay from your laptop! 

You’re about to get your life back.

Because your systems = your scalability superpower.

Never let your client communication needs, session prep, engagement session planning, or post production tasks fall through the cracks again. This bundle includes inquiry through offboarding workflows, 60 email templates, and 5 questionnaires for wedding photographer's ready to stop drowning in to-dos and get back to what they love.

This 8 part guide will walk readers through the mindset of productivity, personal productivity planning, the most effective productivity methods and strategies, and how to plan their most productive year, quarter, month, week and day EVER. Readers will truly be blown away by how much they can get done with a little tweak to their work styles.

Dread making wedding photography timelines cause they take FOR.E.VER? Well - not anymore. Choose from one of our 8 timeline templates for your next wedding and watch your free-time skyrocket. Oh? And - your wedding days will run like an absolute breeze. Win-win.


The Busy Entrepreneurs Guide to ultimate productivity

Wedding Day Timeline TEmplate Bundle for Photographers

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The Busy Entrepreneur's Ultimate Productivity Guide

What’s Inside this Guide:
Since there are hundreds of books on the subject of productivity, I’ve got to narrow down the focus of this guide to the most actionable content I can give you to help you have productive days, weeks, months, quarters, and years.

So, while there is so much more to be learned on the subject, here’s what you’ll find inside THIS guide.

8 Chapters Including:

1. The Mindset of Productivity. Habits, motivation, and tactics are great, but if you don't have this piece figured out, you'll never achieve all that you want to achieve.

2. Personal Productivity Planning [Know Thyself]. Productivity is a mindset, but it flows with our energy. This chapter is all about learning your energy and work styles so you can skyrocket your productivity more than you ever thought possible.

3. An Introduction to Productivity Work Styles and Methods in this Guide - because there is no one size fits all method for productivity. Everyone's brain works differently, so I'll share the top productivity methods that have worked for a variety of my clients, so you can ultimately build a productivity plan that works for YOU.

4. A Yearly Zoom Out. Because before you plan what you’re doing, you have to know where you’re going.

5. Quarterly Planning Processes. I'll teach you step-by-step how me and my team build out our quarterly objectives so we can get goals done without working non-stop.

6. Monthly Planning Processes. Because plans change, and you've got to break down your vision into micro plans and projects. I'll teach you our step-by-step monthly planning system that we use internally on our team.

7. 2 Week Project Sprints. Our team's ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing ever. When I tell you we've collectively never been more productive than when we are executing 2 Week Sprints taught in this chapter....PHEW.

8. A Weekly Planning Process + Examples. So you can truly master every single day, hour, and minute of the time you have dedicated to work. 


Oof, did that gut-punch you the way it did me the first time I heard it? The truth is, I wasn’t always the most organized business owner on the block. In 2015, I was a burned-out photographer, crying in front of my computer screen at 2:12 a.m., wondering whether the to-do list would EVER end. 

So how did I become the girl who runs 3 businesses, leads an expert creative team, and still has the free time to do everything I love?! Templates, workflows, systems, and sustainable growth strategies—that’s how!

That’s why I created The Freedom Shop: to give new and established creatives the DIY tools to streamline in less time than it takes to say “These resources gave me my life back!!!” 

(Okay, maybe not *that* fast. But pretty dang close!)

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

I’m the kind of person who loves a good inspirational quote, so let me hit you with this one from James Clear’s Atomic Habits:


Your business is growing, FAST, and you're certain you're nearing the point where you won't be able to keep up unless something changes. Perhaps you’ve tried outsourcing, or hiring a VA, but the problem with that is - if you’ve got no system outlined for someone else to follow, all your time just transfers from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’. We want you to get your time BACK. Because heck - you've barely got time to make lunch most days as it is! We know what you need, and it's not an extra 12 hours in the day to get more done - it's better systems. Hand it over friend - we've got you.

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