This is the place where running a business goes from an overwhelming time-suck to a one-way ticket to freedom.


If you’re thinking “Um…what are workflows?” here’s the lowdown: they’re a step by step process of every single thing you do for your client projects from inquiry through offboarding. They’re a magical combination of every client facing piece of communication you need to send, AND all the back-end project tasks you need to do in order to complete your projects in the most efficient way possible.  

In short? They save you a BOAT LOAD of time.

Because as a creative business owner, you should be worrying about pursuing your purpose, turning vision into action, and leaving your impact on the world.

But the things you shouldn’t be worrying about? Remembering to follow up with inquiries, manually scheduling meetings, keeping track of contracts, customizing every project proposal, and trying to remember that *thing* you were supposed to do but never wrote down and can’t remember because you’re exhausted and braindead!

You just need workflows and systems to make your job 1 million times easier.

Take it from a girl who runs 3 businesses:
you can have a successful business without working around the clock.  

Because let’s be real — you’re never going to hear feedback that says, “Thanks for manually typing out every email…It made all the difference!” And the truth is– when you’re overwhelmed and overworked, more things fall through the cracks. 

When you can systemize and automate your business to nearly run itself, you give your clients excellent communication guaranteed while freeing yourself up to do what you do best. And that’s what makes for a 5-star experience, every time.

We’re here to show you that automating and systemizing doesn’t mean losing your personal touch. It means getting your personal life back.

and here's the good news: you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

we know because we've seen it happen time and time and time again.

You'll be happier and more fulfilled than ever before, wondering why the heck you didn't get started on the path to freedom sooner

You’ll have the time to work ON your business — not just in it! (Cue major growth!)

You’ll finally feel AWESOME about your client experience — and have the referrals to reflect it!

You'll feel calm and organized running your business on a daily basis because your systems are so on point that you know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it across every client project

You'll be able to juggle WAY more clients without the inbox overwhelm - thus, more $ in the bank

You’ll immediately be able to make more money while working less hours

When you've got the systems you need:

how does this sound?

ready for your life to change?

*Pssst - if your business is taking over your life, it doesn't need to be that way and shouldn't be that way.


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If you’ve been using your CRM for a while, and you love the “idea” of those advanced features like workflows and automations and Smart Files, but you don’t have the time or support you need to, this is for you. You'll get expert guidance, strategy, and design to bring your workflows, automations, and branded Smart Files to life!

HoneyBook Optimization

Whether you just signed up for HoneyBook or you’ve been kinda…sorta…not really using its tool for years, we’re here to help eliminate all the tech set-up overwhelm. We’ll help you set up all the moving parts of your account (think templates, workflows, & everything in between), so you can start using HoneyBook to its full potential!

HoneyBook Set-Up

if you're ready to take your business and brand to the next level:

if you're just starting out on honeybook:

Welcome to the systems that will help you scale.

here's how we can help

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This package is perfect for established business owner with a blank slate HoneyBook account, ready to scale their business and get evvvvveeery tool and automation set up perfectly. (Without doing any of the work).

This is for you if your business is growing, FAST, and you're certain you're nearing the point where you won't be able to keep up unless you finally get things streamlined and at least partially automated. Heck - you've barely got time to make lunch most days as it is!

We know what you need, and it's not an extra 12 hours in the day to get more done - it's better systems. Hand it over friend - we've got you.

Perfect for biz owners ready to scale

Full HoneyBook Set-Up


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You just signed up for HoneyBook so that you can manage all your inquiries, invoices, and contracts in one place. Only problem have no free time to set up your account.
Say hello to our HoneyBook Starter Kit! Perfect for biz owners who want to get their toes wet before diving into automating their entire business in HoneyBook (yes, baby steps)!

With this package, we'll help you set up everything you need to start receiving, nurturing, and booking clients... without all the manual follow-ups, scheduling headaches, or inquiries falling through the cracks.

Perfect for biz owners just
getting started with HoneyBook

The HoneyBook Starter Kit


honeybook set-up packages


All projects are custom quoted based on your business needs. Packages and a la carte options range from $650-$3500


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For the branded proposals, brochures, and welcome guides that’ll make your clients call you a “true professional!”

You want your clients to feel like they’re getting a VIP experience, but creating beautifully branded, standout guides is not your strength (or it’s the very last thing on your endless to-do list). Good thing you can hand it off to us. We’ll write, design, and implement the branded files that’ll be staples in your client experience for years to come.

Custom Smart File Design in HoneyBook


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Your business is growing fast, and you NEED things to run themselves so you can continue to grow & scale. Lately, you feel chained to your computer, working around the clock to keep up.

You’ve already created some basic templates — your contracts, maybe an email template or two, — but you’re still wasting time customizing and sending everything manually– not to mention, keeping track of every little thing you need to do in your head. Pssst - there's a better way.

We’ll help you strategize an elevated client experience from inquiry through offboarding, and then get it all streamlined and automated inside your account so running your business becomes easy as pie. 

Perfect for: Established business owners ready to stop doing everything manually

Workflow Design & Implementation


honeybook Optimization packages

if you're ready to take your business and brand to the next level:

Because boring proposals, ugly PDF pricing guides, and non-existent welcome guides are so 2017. We'll elevate every touchpoint of your business so you can show up confident and polished to your clients.


Every email, questionnaire, brochure, proposal, and welcome guide written FOR you, in your brand voice, so you never have to reinvent the wheel for a piece of client communication ever again.


Your entire customer journey streamlined, up-leveled, and automated from hello to goodbye. No more follow ups falling through the cracks, no more manually tracking project tasks, no more "where did I write that down again?"

totally custom Workflow creation and implementation FOR YOUR SIGNATURE SERVICES



Once your account is fully stacked and ready to go, we'll enter the support phase! You'll have a training call with your lead strategist, and then continued support as you start using the system.

the support


Once we've solidified the strategy for your workflows or Smart Files, our implementation team will hit the ground running in your account! We'll implement every tool included in our project scope.

the implementation


Think of your workflow like a recipe– content would be the ingredients. Depending on your package, you'll either be creating content with our guidance after strategy is complete, or, our team can tackle all your content FOR you for an added fee.

the content creation


After you're onboarded, the fun begins! All our packages start with some sort of strategy session - often, multiple strategy sessions, to design the perfect workflow, system, or Smart File for your business.

the strategy


First, we'll hop on a complimentary discovery call together to chat more about your business needs and goals. Laura will share more about the process, and we'll choose the perfect package for your needs!

the consult




*Essentially, we love working with small service based business owners.
If that's you, we'd love to help!

Website Designers
Hair Artists
Makeup Artists
Airbnb Hosts

Interior Designers 
Brand Designers
Graphic Designers
Stationery Designers

Wedding Photographers
Portrait Photographers
Wedding Venues
Wedding/Event Planners
Event Florists

The types of people we love working with:

Who’s that business owner with all the free time? It’s you, three weeks from now, closing your laptop at 2 PM because your workflows are doing their thing!


-Beth Hill,
Photography Workflow Mastery Course Student

"This is the most encouraged I have felt in a long time about having more time and not being chained to my laptop. I want to date my husband again and go to bed before 1:00am and not always feel this guilty feeling of "I have so much to do". And because of you and this course, I will get to do that."


-Jennifer larsen,
Custom workflow client

Simply put, Laura is a workflow genius! Not only did working with Laura and her team on my workflows save me mental space, but it also helped to improve my client experience! And streamline my entire business! I would highly recommend contacting Laura, if you're a small business owner trying to get organized and streamline your workflows! 


photography workflow mastery course student

"Laura, YOU ARE A GODSEND!!! I finally input all of the templates in your course and started the workflow for my wedding clients and have already gotten multiple emails that they are blown away with my communication and have appreciated the extra efforts of checking in and sending vendor recs. GOSH! This year is going to be amazing and I feel a major weight lifted off my shoulders already!! Thank you!!"

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After we receive your contact form, a member of our team will hop on a call with you to discuss the process and send a custom proposal! If we think one of our other services is a better fit after our call, we'll direct you to the best option for your needs! 

If you’re reading this- we're guessing that you pursued entrepreneurship because you wanted freedom. It's time to claim it.