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the find your freedom podcast

The podcast for small business owners fearlessly pursuing their own definition of success in business and in life.

Entrepreneurship takes guts and bravery. It takes courage. Community. Resilience. The drive to build a life beyond your current reality. And that's what we talk about here - We're on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs and small business owners redefine success and build a life and business on their terms. A life and business filled with freedom - with dreaming big - with betting on yourself.  Welcome to your new guilty pleasure.

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this is what we're all about

The Find Your Freedom Podcast is a place where stories are told, passions are chased, and freedom is found. 

Our mission? To be the go-to podcast for creatives ready to boldly live out their passions with purpose and freedom-on their terms.  Through interviews, case studies, roundtable discussions and actionable educational episodes, we're here to break the stigma that money and climbing the ladder is the only way to success.

We aim to share stories of business owners from all walks of life building a business and life based on THEIR version of success so that you can be inspired AND take action towards YOUR dreams.  This podcast, and our educational communities were created with the focus of helping you find your OWN definition of freedom in these core areas: your job, your time, your finances, living out your purpose, fueling your creativity, having healthy relationships, and living out your dream lifestyle.  

We believe that we all need to define success on our own terms. To find our own definition of freedom. To build lives and businesses WE love and WE are proud of and WE are fulfilled by.  Not just businesses that look good on Instagram - but businesses and lives that FEEL good in real life.

here's to better businesses, and better lives


You're an ambitious, passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur or small business owner with big dreams and a fire in your soul.

Purpose and freedom drive you- you're ready to live your best life and make an impact on the world.

You want to do more of what makes your soul happy.

You refuse to make personal sacrifices for the sake of running a business.

We hope this podcast will give you a loving kick in the pants, a spark of inspiration, or the actionable tools you need to build a business and life you love.  It’s time we stopped just existing and going about our days and our lives mindlessly- settling for what’s in front of us and start actively pursuing the life of our dreams.

you're in the right place.

You're ready to find YOUR definition of freedom- whatever that means to you, and never settle for a life of someone else’s design.

Armed with a pile of half drank cups of coffee,  I'm on a mission to help purpose-driven and multi-passionate small business owners pursue and conquer their wildest dreams while they SHOW UP and LEVEL UP with confidence.

I'm a NJ and Naples, FL based brand photographer and business coach,  freedom chaser, workflow and systems expert, organizational business ninja, travel junkie, speaker, mountain lover, wife, cat-mom, business strategist, over-achiever, multi-passionate visionary, and charcuterie board enthusiast. 

PHEW. Say that 5 times fast.  

My point is - I'm not just one thing and I never will be - and you don't have to be either. Here - you have full permission to be the multi-passionate, visionary dreamer you are. And me? Well I just can't wait to help you bring your dreams, message, and ideas to life. 

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Helping you pursue the kind of life and business you actually with abundant freedom, joy, and fulfillment. 

From the host: "With over 8 years of experience working as both a brand photographer and business coach, my superpower and greatest joy is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs like YOU bring your passions, stories, dreams and ideas to the world while finding freedom in every area of your life and business.  Let's build you a business that supports your dreams, your purpose, and your life." 

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Quitting your day job for your dream biz doesn't automatically mean you'll have more freedom in your life. These are the foundational lessons I learned from growing 3 businesses. This is all about finding more freedom with your time, finances, lifestyle, and creativity while you build a business you love.

7 Ways to Create Joy, Ease, and Abundance
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The Freedom Framework: 

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