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Introducing Find Your Freedom Co!

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7 Lessons to Create More Joy, Ease, Freedom and Abundance in Your Business and Life

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We help small business owners start and scale businesses without sacrificing what matters most in life. Your dream business - the one that's profitable, purposeful, fulfilling, and filled with the freedom you've been craving- it's totally possible! 


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My husband is the type of person that sets his mind to something, and then just does it.

He’s the type of person that is willing to jump off the metaphorical cliff, and then figure out how to fly on the way down. It’s incredibly admirable, but also, incredibly frustrating.

And NOT because it’s ever gotten us in a bad situation. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. His leaps have resulted in us…

…Buying and completely gutting our current home, which allowed us to build a crap ton of equity to use for other investment projects.

getting an RV and driving it across the country after literally just one lap around the neighborhood to figure out how to drive it.

…and numerous huge dreams on the horizon that we’re working towards right now. (More to come on those another time!)

So no, it’s not because his leaps don’t work out.

It’s because I’m the person with HUGE dreams that has to overanalyze literally every possible situation…at least 5 times.

And I just WISH I had the same courage to leap off the cliff before I was ready. (Scott’s pleas to me to JUST DO IT multiple times a month have apparently not yet worked).

But after FIVE YEARS of overanalyzing, dreaming in the quiet, and perfecting the vision in my mind, I am FINALLY ready to JUMP off of a new metaphorical cliff into the unknown.

Allow me to introduce my biggest dream yet.

Officially Introducing:

Find Your Freedom Co.

Our new brand, our new company, our new home.

And what I hope?

A new movement.

A movement of small business owners and creative entrepreneurs ready to live a FULL life. To redefine success on their own terms and stop settling for a life of someone else’s design. 

To pursue their passions and make good money doing it. 

To put an end to the age-old story of the overworked and underpaid business owner.

Because for too long we’ve been taught that burnout and overwhelm are prerequisites for success. 

That when you become an entrepreneur, late nights are a rite of passage. 

Chronic overwhelm is a test. 

And sacrificing your personal time is a way of weeding out the ones who really want it from the ones who don’t.

We’re calling B.S.

And we hope you are too– because we’re taking you along for the ride.

We want you to have more time for the people you love.

To have profits you’re proud of.

To have creativity bursting out of you.

To have the tools, resources, and education to live a full and fulfilling life.

Because you deserve that, and so much more.

This is the place where creative entrepreneurship finally feels like freedom.

So? Freedom Chaser – Welcome home. 

With so much joy and gratitude,

PS. All week, I’ll be dropping info about what you can expect from us, our team bios, and general Q&A about what this means for [all my] companies moving forward! See ya soon!

PPS. We’d love for you to give us a follow! Check us out at

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Quitting your day job for your dream biz doesn't automatically mean you'll have more freedom in your life. These are the foundational lessons I learned from growing 3 businesses. This is all about finding more freedom with your time, finances, lifestyle, and creativity while you build a business you love.

7 Ways to Create Joy, Ease, and Abundance
in Your Business and in Your Life

The Freedom Framework: 

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