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We help small business owners start and scale businesses without sacrificing what matters most in life. Your dream business - the one that's profitable, purposeful, fulfilling, and filled with the freedom you've been craving- it's totally possible! 


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This post is taken from the announcement email about our new movement for small business owners sent out by our founder, Laura. Click Here to join the email list (and get a free gift from us!)

About 5 years ago, I texted my best friend Jordan while working at my local coffee shop.

“I think I just discovered what I want to do for the rest of my life.”


^Ha, literally. 

A few days prior, I had been scribbling in a notebook in the dead of night–phone flashlight on– writing down a huge vision I had for the future of my business/entrepreneurial journey.

Excited – she wrote back, and I started spilling my dreams.

“I want to start a movement.

A movement for small business owners that value freedom over hustle culture.

Of people who seek to make a life and not just a living.

A movement for small business owners who want to pursue their passions, but don’t want to give up their personal life to do so.

I want to help people live their best life, and never feel burdened by their passions – not with their time, their money, their creativity, their lifestyle.

I want to help people do the work that fires them up, spend time doing the things they love most with the people they love most, and have the time and financial freedom to live TRULY their best life.

Too many people are settling for burnout.

Too many people are settling for a baseline of overwhelm.

Too many people are settling for being overworked and underpaid and are stuck believing that’s just how it has to be.

Too many business owners jump into entrepreneurship for the dream of freedom, only to become trapped by their own business.

I want to help people step into their light. Their calling. Their purpose.

I want to help people do what makes their soul happy.

I want to help people find FREEDOM. And not whatever society defines as freedom. But what THEY– each individual person defines as freedom..”

Well, okay then.

^Friend, admitting that it took me 5 years to have the courage to put this dream into the world is a hard pill to swallow.

I have DREAMED of what this could look like– every day– for YEARS. 

I have filled notebooks and journals to the brim with hopes and dreams and words of what this business could do for people. Of how it could impact people.

But I had too much on my plate already – that putting this into the world too would just be too much. It wasn’t time–yet.

But now– it’s finally *almost* time. 

In SEVEN DAYS, my new adventure, a new business, is coming.

Find Your Freedom Co. is coming to the world on February 7.

^That statement means more to me than I could ever put into words.

This business is for YOU. Heck– it’s for more than you– it’s for your family– your kids, and the people who want to see more of you.

I would love it if you would take a moment to go check out our social media accounts and give us a follow – your support means the world to us and will help us reach others to let them know about our movement for small business owners!

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Quitting your day job for your dream biz doesn't automatically mean you'll have more freedom in your life. These are the foundational lessons I learned from growing 3 businesses. This is all about finding more freedom with your time, finances, lifestyle, and creativity while you build a business you love.

7 Ways to Create Joy, Ease, and Abundance
in Your Business and in Your Life

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